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DOGS OF THE WILDERNESS. Unleash Your Productivity At Our Dog-Friendly Co-Working Space

Updated: Apr 8

In recent years, a unique trend has been taking the working world by storm - the emergence of dog-friendly work spaces. These spaces offer professionals a refreshing and unconventional way to combine work and companionship, all while maintaining a high level of productivity. No need to leave your friend behind when heading to work; instead, bring them along to our dog-friendly co-working space and experience a whole new level of work-life balance.


"Casco was rescued from Minneapolis Animal Control two years ago. She is three. She loves walking, which she and I do for an hour each way to and from the Wilderness. Casco is friendly and inquisitive toward pretty much every living thing. She seems quite content to hang out under the tall desk at the Wilderness and sniff hello to anyone who passes by. I manage design/construction projects for companies like CHANEL, Cartier, and Ralph Lauren and often travel to job sites, so Casco and I really enjoy the days we can hang out together in Minneapolis." - TW Member, Peter


"Fritz is a year and half old Bernedoodle who loves belly rubs, fetching balls, and lazing on the lawn. She especially enjoys working alongside us, plopping on the cool floor between runabouts in Buzza's courtyard. What a place for a dog!"- TW Members: Sarah and Ben


"Kodak is a 10 year old pug / beagle mix (affectionately called a puggle) and is the unofficial mascot of The Wilderness."

"She is very food motivated, specifically by carrots and is friendly, though timid. She can be best recognized by her iconic underbite and you will likely find her within arm's reach of Bobby, if not on his lap. She loves meeting new people at the Wilderness (and sometimes their dogs) and getting zoomies on the turf!" - TW Owner, Bobby Burns


"Sweet Potato is new to the world and to The Wilderness! She's a 6 month old Havanese puppy and loves to cuddle and play. Potato wants to say hi to everyone when she comes to The Wilderness. She is very social, but sometimes gets tuckered out and loves to cuddle at my feet while keeping one eye open to make sure she knows what's going on in the space!" - TW Operations Manager, Hannah


"Cairo is an 11-year-old senior French Bulldog. He is SUPER social, wants to say hi to everyone, is very lazy, loves taking naps in a chair (because he likes to look at the laptop screen), and loves playing with his bones and will bring them to you. Cairo loves coming to The Wilderness because he now has a little sister, a 3-month-old baby girl, and is craving attention. He gets super excited to come and spend time at the Wilderness while his mom finishes her dissertation. This is the highlight of this day." - TW Member, Maria

The Power of Pawsitive Atmosphere

Imagine starting your workday surrounded by the wagging tails, excited barks, and unconditional love of dogs. This atmosphere brings an undeniable sense of joy and positivity that can help combat stress and boost your overall mood. Dogs have a natural ability to lift spirits and provide a much-needed break during those moments when work becomes overwhelming.

Reducing Stress, Increasing Productivity

Studies have shown that spending time with dogs can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels. By having dogs around in a co-working environment, professionals are provided with a unique outlet to alleviate work-related pressures. Short breaks spent petting or playing with dogs can do wonders for mental health, leading to increased focus and productivity when returning to tasks.


Traditional co-working spaces have long been known for their opportunities to network. The introduction of dogs into the mix adds a new layer to this experience. Conversations and connections sparked by shared canine interests can lead to meaningful relationships both professionally and personally.

Balancing Work and Play

One of the main challenges of remote work is the blurred line between work and personal life. Dog-friendly co-working spaces encourage a healthy balance between the two. Taking your dog for short walks, enjoying playtime, and even participating in doggy yoga sessions (doga) can serve as rejuvenating breaks during the workday.

A Paw-sitive Future of Work

As the traditional boundaries of work continue to evolve, the concept of dog-friendly co-working spaces adds an exciting dimension to the modern workplace. The mutual benefits of reduced stress, increased productivity, and enhanced work-life balance make these spaces appealing to both employees and freelancers alike.

Embrace the wagging tails and welcoming atmosphere as you embark on a new era of workspaces that celebrate the bond between humans and their best friends.

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