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Locally-owned Coworking Spaces in Minneapolis: 5 Energizing & Trendy Options

Updated: Apr 8

So you spent the better part of the COVID lockdown perfecting your perfect at-home work space, full of pet plants -- all dead, or on life support -- and orphan USB cords collecting dust. And now you're looking for the perfect office away from your at-home office.

You’ve started missing the society of other people -- just seeing them, if not making full-on awkward small talk. Freshly brewed coffee at the ready. High-speed internet and a printer that always works. And an excuse to comb your hair.

Whether you're craving more connectivity, more productivity, or just a new vibe, we’ll highlight five great coworking spaces in Minneapolis. And we'll also tackle the most common questions would-be renters have about coworking office space.

Summary TLDR

Here are five affordable and vibrant month-to-month coworking spaces in Minneapolis. Most are community-centered, dog-friendly, have free parking, and are in hip parts of the cities with plenty of local attractions. They welcome remote workers and businesses of all kinds. Monthly membership starts at around $200, and there are many daily pass options too.

1. The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking

Location: 1010 W. Lake St.

Located in Uptown, The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking is blocks away from Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun) and dozens of shops and restaurants. With an emphasis on wellness, The Wilderness is full of natural light, hundreds of plants, and a state-of-the-art fitness center including a climbing wall.

Enjoy free, weekly yoga classes, daily fitness "recess" classes, weekly happy hours, and plenty of community events. Workers can choose from closed-door offices, dedicated desks, or daily drop-in desks in a shared office space.

  • Free Amenities: WiFi, printing, coffee, healthy snacks, conference rooms, phone booths, climbing wall, gym, treadmill workstations, showers, speakeasy (on-site bar), movie theater, full kitchen, dog-friendly, bike-friendly, outdoor space, meditation and wellness room, onsite community manager

  • Paid Extras: On-site personal training ($30 per session), on-site event space rental (25% member discount), gym-only membership option ($39 per month)

  • What's nearby: Greenway, Bde Maka Ska, Cub Foods, CVS, Bryant Lake Bowl, Moto-i, Barbette

  • Pricing: Monthly membership starts at $199, day passes for $25. Get a free space for the day just by booking a 15-minute tour. Book now >>>

  • Best for: Wellness seekers, workout warriors, Uptown enthusiasts, bike commuters

2. CoCo

Downtown location: 400 S 4th St #401 Northeast location: 1400 Van Buren St NE #200

Coco bills itself as Minnesota's first coworking space. Since 2009, Coco has opened several locations, most notably during the five-year period from 2018 to 2023 when it re-branded as Fueled Collective.

Coco has two locations now in the Twin Cities. Its Downtown Minneapolis location is the flagship.

Coco is known as an incubator for local startups. It offers temporary office space for new businesses until they grow into their own location. And many companies ultimately choose to stay.

There's plenty of space for collaboration. Coco members can choose from hot desks, dedicated desk workstations, or private office space.

  • Amenities: WiFi, printing, coffee, conference rooms, phone booths, indoor bike storage, dog-friendly (Northeast only), exercise room (downtown only), rooftop patio, full kitchen, conference rooms, meeting rooms, onsite community manager

  • Paid Extras: $6/day Gateway Ramp discounted parking (Downtown Minneapolis), cleaning service

  • What's nearby:

    • Downtown: Stone Arch Bridge, Mill City Museum, The Depot, U.S. Bank Stadium

    • Northeast: Tattersall, Diamonds, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Mayslack's, Spyhouse Coffee

  • Pricing: Monthly membership starts at $215, day passes for $45

  • Best for: Entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, natural networkers, light rail commuters, downtown enthusiasts, bike commuters

3. ModernWell

Location: 2909 S. Wayzata Blvd.

If you're looking for a woman-centered office, ModernWell is one of the best coworking spaces you’ll find. Men are welcome too, but the idea is to create a place for women as most coworking spaces have more men.

ModernWell is an empowering and thoughtful work hub with a focus on women's wellness, learning, creativity, literature, and collaboration. There are open desks (hot seats), shared office spaces, and private offices.

  • Amenities: WiFi, printing, coffee, conference rooms, phone booths, pilates classes, wellness events, networking events, ModernWell book club, lunchtime learnings

  • Paid Extras: Consult (small meeting) rooms at $10/hour

  • What's nearby: Theodore Wirth Trail, Butler Garden & Bird Sanctuary, Cedar Lake Trail

  • Pricing: Monthly membership starts at $195, 4 days per month membership for $120

  • Best for: Those seeking a creative, literary, women-first community

4. Flock

Location: 2611 1st Ave. S.

Located near the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), Flock is a collective for creative types, like designers, artists, illustrators, coders, publishers, and other freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Every inch of this Minneapolis coworking space is designed to spur creativity. In terms of color and style, it's perhaps the most eclectic coworking space in Minneapolis.

  • Amenities: WiFi, printing, coffee, conference rooms, phone booths, off-street parking, mail service, dog-friendly, bike-friendly, outdoor patio, storage lockers, occasional local treats, onsite staff

  • What's nearby: MCAD, MIA, Vertical Endeavors, Spyhouse Coffee, LITT Pinball Bar

  • Pricing: Monthly membership starts at $400 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. access), or 10 days per month membership for $200, day pass for $35 (M-F 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

  • Best for: Artists, designers, eclectics, and creative types

5. The Coven

  • Whittier: 2429 Nicollet Ave.

  • Cooper (East Lake): 4009 E. Lake St.

  • Cathedral Hill (St. Paul): 165 Western Ave. N. Suite 8

The Coven has three locations in the Twin Cities. It features hip and stylish places to gather and work, that include open hot desks, dedicated workstations, private offices, and plenty of collaborative team spaces.

It offers a way to switch up your daily vibe when you need a burst of creativity, with flexible memberships where you can pay to come in 1 day, 4 days, or every day each month.

  • Amenities: WiFi, printing, coffee, conference rooms, phone booths, full kitchen, free parking, bike storage, guest passes), showers (Whittier and Cooper), parent room (Whittier)

  • Paid Extras: Nice Healthcare ($33 a month), business mail service ($30 a month), 24/7 access ($30 free at some locations), on-site childcare (St. Paul)

  • What's nearby:

    • Whittier: Spyhouse Coffee, Electric Fetus, Minneapolis Institute of Art, MCAD, Black Sheep

    • Cooper: Hi-Lo Diner, Merlins Rest Pub, Blue Door Pub, Turtle Bread, YWCA Midtown

    • Cathedral Hill: Nina's, Red Cow, La Grolla, Moscow on the Hill, W.A. Frost, Yumi, University Club

  • Pricing: Monthly membership starts at $249, 4 days per month membership for $149, 1 day per month for $14

  • Best for: Low-commit members, working parents who need backup childcare (St. Paul), progressives who want to mingle with like-minded thinkers


How Much Does WeWork Minneapolis Cost

WeWork has two locations in Minneapolis. The Uptown location closed in late 2022, but the locations in the North Loop and Downtown Minneapolis are open.

Pricing starts at $350 per month for an office in the WeWork Capella Tower location. A seat at The Nordic in the North Loop is an additional $50 more.

Where Can I Work Remotely in Minneapolis?

Anywhere there's good WiFi. Beyond dedicated, shared office spaces like The Wilderness, other options include libraries (many have booths with outlets and large tables for you to spread out), cafes, and coffee shops.

Some of the best coffee shops include Wuollet Bakery & Coffee (Uptown), Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, Barnes & Noble (Edina Galleria), and Bordertown Coffee.

What is the Difference Between a Coworking Space and an Office Space?

Both offer a professional work environment in a separate location from your home, A coworking space is a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

Office Space

A traditional office space in Minneapolis starts at around $2,500 per month and requires a 3 to 10-year lease. In some instances, a shorter-term lease may be available. Office cleaning may be built into the price as well as any amenities that the property management offers on-site, like an exercise room or cafeteria.

Coworking Space

A shared coworking space in Minneapolis starts at around $500 per month for a dedicated office. Leasing may be short-term or month-to-month. Generally, there is a feeling of community with open collaborative spaces as well as consult and meeting rooms.

Common coworking amenities include networking events, free coffee, free printing, storage, a full kitchen, and an event space for conferences and social gatherings.

Can I Sleep in a Coworking Space?

A nap might be okay, but you can't sleep overnight or move into your coworking space. There are ordinances and zoning laws that prohibit this. Typically, buildings are inaccessible overnight to prevent would-be dwellers.

But beyond rules and regulations, sleeping in a coworking space might not be the best etiquette. It's a shared space to be enjoyed by many. If an afternoon nap is essential, ask about dozing in a dedicated space like a sleep pod. Or get a closed-door office so you can curl up in privacy.

What Kinds of People and Businesses Use Coworking Spaces?

Businesses and solo workers of all types. A Coworking Insights study found that 38 percent of their co-work space occupants are small to medium-sized businesses.

Beyond businesses, you'll commonly find these other workers:

  • Small start-up teams

  • IT workers like software developers

  • Digital creatives like graphic designers, UX designers, digital marketers

  • Remote workers with full-time permanent employment: Some may pay out of pocket, or others may get a work stipend

  • Freelancers and consultants like writers, attorneys, accountants, analysts, data experts

What Kind of People Use The Wilderness Coworking Space?

A mix of small and medium-sized businesses, remote workers, and independent business professionals use The Wilderness.

This includes a yoga teacher, software developers, business content writer, two Ninja Warrior competitors, attorneys, a partner marketing agency, designers, software developers, data scientists, and full-time remote workers.

Many people discover The Wilderness through community events like puppy yoga (yes, yoga with dogs), looking for WeWork alternatives, or researching a cheaper option to daily coffee shop visits.

Final Thoughts

A coworker space is a great way to add some vibrancy to your workday, achieve peak productivity, and network with other professionals and freelance nomads – not to mention get a free, endless fix of coffee.

If your usual workspace can get a bit humdrum, change up the vibe affordably.

And you can give it a try for free. With the coworking space options we’ve shared, you can take a new member tour and get a free day. So you could even stop by today, or tomorrow, to come test the waters.

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