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Combat Winter Blues in Minnesota

Updated: Apr 8

Welcome to The Wilderness Fitness and Co-Working, located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We offer a unique and inspiring co-working and fitness experience designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners reach their goals. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes productivity, health, and the ideal work/life balance.

It is normal to feel unmotivated during these long Minnesota winters. This is why it is important to keep your dopamine levels up. Luckily for you, The Wilderness Fitness and Co-Working is here to provide you with the 6 easy strategies to combat the winter blues.


The first essential thing to help manage your dopamine levels is to view early morning sunlight for 10-30 minutes a day. At The Wilderness Fitness and Co-Working this step is taken care of for you with the many big windows that let a lot of sunlight in during all hours of the day. We even have an outdoor patio available for use in the summer. Many of our members get an early start to their day. There is even an unofficial club called 6am Tuesdays.

Bright Light Exposure

The big windows by our dedicated desks are surrounded by plants, which help create the aesthetic of the space and also help with strategy number two of managing your dopamine levels. The second tip to manage your dopamine is to avoid bright light exposure during the afternoon hours of the day. The windows help with this by providing natural light, which allows us to use fewer LED lights inside our space during the day.

Cold Exposure

The third strategy is to expose yourself to cold for 1-3 minutes a day. As Minnesotans, this is taken care of for most of us in our day-to-day activities if we are outside. Many of our members walk or bike in each day, since we are located right off of the Midtown Greenway. Another trick is take a quick cold shower when you wake up or after your workout!


The fourth tip is caffeine consumption, it is recommended to consume 100-400 mg of caffeine before 2 PM. Don’t worry if you can't make it through the day without coffee, because we have you covered with our full kitchen and coffee bar. The coffee is provided by our friendly local coffee roasters, Edina Coffee Roasters. It is free for all members, all day long. If coffee isn’t really your cup of tea, don’t worry! We have a fully stocked tea bar and sparkling water as well. Additionally, you can bring any food or beverage and store it in our community fridge for your convenience.

Protein Intake

The next strategy for managing your dopamine levels, is to keep up your protein intake. We make this easy for you by providing a healthy alternative vending machine from the local Minneapolis business NoshPosh. They make healthy and convenient snacking ideal for all of our members. If you prefer to bring or make your own food we also have a full kitchen and refrigerator for the convenience of our members.


The last strategy is to exercise. The recommended amount is 75-150 minutes per week. That’s just 10-20 minutes per day. If your brain needs a break from work you can take a few minutes to do some light exercises.

Stop in for a tour anytime and check out the space! Let us know how you have implemented these strategies into your life and if they have had an impact on your health! Message us with your story at

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