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A Coworking and Gym Membership in One — How We've Designed Minneapolis' Next Great Space

Updated: Apr 8

Make work-life balance simple. The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking is rethinking the relationship between people's work and workouts. We believe that professionals deserve an environment that not only boosts productivity but also promotes a healthier lifestyle. That's why we've created a space where professionals can thrive both mentally and physically.

Effective Individual Workspace: Productivity Meets Focus

Our dedicated workspaces are designed to ensure that you can work effectively, maximizing your productivity while minimizing distractions. With ergonomic chairs, plenty of standing desk options, and spacious desks, you'll be able to maintain proper posture and avoid strain throughout your workday. Large east-facing windows provide ample natural lighting, and hundreds of plants help create an inviting atmosphere that will keep you engaged and focused.

Collaborative Spaces: Where Great Minds Come Together

At The Wilderness Fitness an

d Coworking, we understand the importance of collaboration and communication in driving success. That's why we offer a variety of areas well suited for:

-Large coworking tables that seat up to 6 people.

-Meeting rooms with smart TVs and conference mic’s

-Plenty of brainstorming rooms with seating for 10+

-Outdoor patio space in a private courtyard

These spaces are equipped with modern technology and ample seating, providing the perfect environment for you and your team to strategize, innovate, and excel.

Your Gym, Just Steps Away: Energize Your Workday

It's no secret that regular exercise is beneficial for our overall well-being. At The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking, you don't have to go far to benefit from a well-equipped gym that includes:

* Curved treadmills, incline trainers, stationary bikes, a rower, and ski-erg for cardio

* A free weights area with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates and more for strength training

* Functional fitness equipment like sleds, battle ropes, and speed ladders with 150 ft of turf

* An exciting obstacle course to challenge your agility, grip, and core strength

By making it easy (and fun!) to squeeze in a workout during your busy day, you'll find that you're more creative, focused, energized, and motivated to tackle your work tasks and meetings.

Zen Zone: Find Your Inner Peace

Sometimes, having a place to relax, meditate, and practice mindfulness can make all the difference in your workday. That's why we offer daily access to:

-Yoga and meditation rooms

-Tranquil, private spaces for relaxation

-Inclusive classes for all skill levels

Whether you're looking to recharge between meetings or seeking refuge to quiet your mind, our yoga and meditation rooms are the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Experience the Wilderness Fitness and Coworking Difference

Our mission is to provide a space where you can enjoy increased productivity and a healthier work environment, all while connecting with other like-minded professionals. We believe that by providing a nurturing and supportive space, we can help unlock your potential, improve your overall well-being, and bring more happiness and health to your daily life.

Ready to try out what The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking has to offer? Visit ( to schedule a quick tour or free workday in our space and experience a new level of work-life balance!

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