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6 Ways to Make a Great Physical Workplace

Updated: Apr 8

1. Places for individual focus & group collaboration

The most important duality for workplaces to consider is the need for extreme focus to maximize individual productivity and providing community spaces where collaboration is easily facilitated amongst coworkers and management.

2. Seating options

Pain and fatigue are productivity killers. One easy way to avoid this during the workday is with a variety of seating options. Comfortable chairs, standing desks, and couches all can help minimize lower back, knee, and neck pain by switching things up and avoiding the same rigid seating position.

3. Providing a gym or yoga room

One of the quickest ways to break a mental block, get out of a rut, or refocus is to get up out of your chair and move around. It can be as simple as stretching or walking on a treadmill; Or it can be as in-depth as a full workout program or guided class. Exercise that increases your heart rate and exerts your muscles has powerful and rapid mood-boosting benefits as well as numerous well-documented long term benefits when done consistently.

4. Healthy drinks & snacks

Having healthy beverages and snacks available can be the difference between that all-too-common afternoon or mid-morning slump and having steady energy levels throughout your entire workday.

5. Outdoor Space

Sunlight, fresh air, a gentle breeze, plants, and nature. Just reading those words can put some people at ease. There are significant mental and physical health benefits to spending moderate time outdoors each day. A workplace that has a patio, courtyard, rooftop, or other outdoor seating can be huge for morale and productivity.

6. Places to relax or socialize

Research shows that many people struggle to maintain focus more than 4-5 hours per day. One effective strategy can be to pick 60-120 minute blocks of focused work followed by periods of conscious relaxation and socializing with coworkers. This helps prevent burnout, allows each day to feel more intentional, and removes the guilt of not “working” non-stop while on the clock.

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